Wake Up

When life becomes difficult, we as humans have an amazing ability to put our heads down and push forwards, regardless of how we feel. When the difficulties are short lived, we come out of the other side and brush ourselves off. Knowing that we have done well to make it to our destination. Sometimes the... Continue Reading →

The Last Time

If the last time, were the last time, And you had known that then. Would you have had the strength To do what you did then? If the last time, were the last time, Where would you want to be? I’m not sure that it would matter, As long as you were there with me.... Continue Reading →

My Mind

My mind slowly unfolding thoughts displayed Unimagined ideas slowly begin, To erupt, materialize, and evolve A silent song, a dance with no movement, A creation that no one has dared to dream My mind is open, and so to is my heart This is the basis, of that, my passion, Of art, literature, and gentle... Continue Reading →


Parted lips, closed eyes, Slowly breathing, no disguise Sleep holds, deep alluring, He lay watching, thoughts intruding. Lies so close, limbs caress, Heart is racing while they rest Lips they part, and softly mutter, Now his heart does dance and flutter. This vision turns with gentle grace And pulls him in, a tight embrace The... Continue Reading →

Creation in Vein

Red lips, slender waist, ebony hair All that she is, I desire. By my side, her body like the sunset Sinking into linen sheets. A world I cannot penetrate As tangible as dreams   In the haze of reality, I was drawn Her form filling me with Carnal lust Envisioning her body entwined with my... Continue Reading →

Luca – Part 1

It started with a text, “got work for you, call me asap” texts like this weren’t unusual by any means, but the last time I had answered one, I’d flown to Paris. When I arrived at the studio Adam was working in just three days before, I was told that the shoot had been cancelled,... Continue Reading →


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