When I’m Beside You

His chest rose and fell in slow repetition. His skin was marble; it clung to his slender frame. Moonlight bathed him in a cold embrace. The light was eerie, yet made his every detail visible. He wore little. The blanket which had at first maintained his modesty, lay abandoned. Leaving his body exposed, save for... Continue Reading →

Dare To Dream

Write a 20-line poem where every line begins with the first letter of your first name. The only rule is that it can’t be about you. ***** Dark, the night the womb releases Disaster, thy name will be Devastation, bound forever Dawn, concealing that which others Dare to dream Drifting, the remnants of the world... Continue Reading →

Responses to Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts I’ve been looking for a while now for different ways to make writing a daily practice. While I do write most days, it is often in my handwritten journals. I tend not to write with any intention of sharing. As a blog writer, this creates a problem; as the whole purpose of having... Continue Reading →

10 Words

Using 10 words, describe yourself. Reserved Rational Contained Creative Loyal Responsible Pensive Giving Passionate In Progress

Letter To Your Teenage Self

Write  a letter to your teenage self: Darren, There are so many things that will challenge you in life, and challenge will push you to learn things that you really should never have had to know. Sickness, emotional hurt, death. You know all of these things early, yet I’m not sure anyone ever tries to... Continue Reading →


Make a list of 30 things that make you smile. Books Walking into a library, or an old bookshop. Perusing the shelves. Finding the book that calls to you. Coming home and reading it. All of it. Re-reading it. Cherishing the book that holds the story you love. Re-reading again. Finding it on your nightstand... Continue Reading →


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