19th May 2017

One year ago today, I was at the very beginning of a mental breakdown that led me to write this. I shared it on Facebook at the time, but the words seem so powerful still that I wanted to share them again. This time as a reflection, and a reminder of where I have come... Continue Reading →


"I'll tell you whit yur gettin, a slap in the face." "I'd rather just hae a bag a chips hen." "Aye, I'll gee you a bag ae chips." "Ta. hen, ta."   (Overheard walking past a Chinese takeaway doorway on my way home from work.)

College Application

I just pressed 'Send'. I’ve been putting this off since January. I kept finding things I ‘needed to do’ first. After a while I realised I had written it time and time again in my head. I was putting it off because until I pressed send there was always the possibility that I could get... Continue Reading →

Swimming with Sharks

A politician may occasionally say one thing but do another. When a shark invites you into the water and promises to teach you to swim. You are responsible for believing the shark. If the shark chooses to turn round and bite you as soon as you get in the water, the blame is as much... Continue Reading →

A Bloody Disgrace

“Would you look at that it’s ridiculous!” “Aye” “Imagine cutting the grass like that.” “Ah, know” “That field used to be looked after.” “Ah, know” “They cut it when it’s raining.” “Ah, know” “Now look, a bloody disgrace” “Ah, know” “It’s those kids I’m saying.” "Ah hear you hen.” “Are you listening?” “Aye.” “It’s those... Continue Reading →


Words. There are many words. Words which can be combined in an almost infinite combination. When used together they convey not just meaning but expression, emotion and purpose. Some words can hurt, others heal. Some words can be said quickly, without thought yet their effect can be lasting. Haunting. Words bring opportunity or condemn us.... Continue Reading →

Living Ghost

There was once a time where everything I did felt good. Now the things that once brought me joy chip away at my soul leaving me feeling like I am no longer a real person. Imagine how scary it is becoming a ghost when you are still living.


I speak quite freely about my own personal beliefs to those who have the inclination to listen. I don’t believe in preaching my beliefs though as they are intrinsically my own and would likely not be as applicable to others as they are to me. That of course is I suppose the nature of belief.... Continue Reading →


So often in school we say, "When's the next holiday?" While it is lovely having something to look forward to; I find myself thinking lately that if we continually pray for tomorrow to come, we end up losing the present. I don't want to wake up in ten years and pray for it to be... Continue Reading →


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