Sonnet: A Mother

A daughter, sister, friend and a lover, She was all of this before a mother. From a child she became a woman grown Her precious time was rarely spent alone.   Inherently passionate and caring, Above all else she was kind and sharing, Of her love, her time and all she could give, Through the... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: A. Trip

Chewing on minuscule squares of paper, How long will it be before it kicks in? Too late now, just wait for it to begin. All too soon you are lost to this caper.   It comes, like all good things, to those who wait Slowly at first, a peripheral haze, Then colours and visuals steal... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Looking for Love

Looking for love in all the wrong places, Swiping right on all of the same faces. Asking questions getting one-word answers, It’s a social media disaster.   Whatever happened to love at first sight? Enter a room and just know that tonight, Is the night where you will first cast your eye, On a future... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Lost Tradition

White-clad cottages, stand like dominoes Each one integral, each one unique The land they stand on archaic, antique Their owners tend to the cattle who low,   In the communal fields shared down below The seeds of grass, stolen by a crow’s beak Returning to a nest over a creek, Does little to the fields.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Hear the Silence

Sometimes the silence is too difficult To listen to, to hear, to acknowledge It can be filled, but it always returns Every return harder to filter.   Each time that you are forced to acknowledge, That the only voice, for that you listen, Is the voice you must accept, you cannot Hear again, as it... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Forty-Eight Letters

Forty-Eight letters that’s all it will take, To topple a giant with no mandate, And a heart full of selfishness and hate. Who would rather her people never wake,   Her ill-thought plan an untested half-bake, Her appetite for greed will never sate. Isn’t it time to make the Torries wait? Why are we rushing... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Happy Anniversary

How many times did I say, ‘I love you?’ Clearly it wasn’t enough for either, A fight for love, a fight for us? Neither, We fought each other with fierce words untrue.   I once said that I would look after you, I did not mean to be a deceiver. In me you were never... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: A Family in Need

I seem to sleep when I should be awake, I dream rather than live reality. Unconsciousness offers me amnesty, From duty, and the decisions I make   One after another. I fear a break, In our relationship. I disagree, And so I must fight you to guarantee My family get all that they can take.... Continue Reading →

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