Personal Blog: A Dropped Ball

Last week I began the transition of ‘Forever Distracted by Life’ from an infrequently used writing portfolio to a daily posting, collaborative writing space.

Up until this morning, my scheduled posts have gone ahead without a hitch, but this morning I dropped the ball. As always the name of my blog makes me smile because lately I have been so distracted by life that my planned targets and schedules haven’t quite worked as they intended. But rest assured I still intend to keep sharing, and regularly. I just needed a catch-up day to sort the content for the time ahead.

Much like when I began transitioning my diet to a primarily plant-based diet a few blips along the way aren’t going to make me throw in the towel. I just need to evaluate a little and get back on it. In the meantime, thanks to those of you who have been reading regularly I really appreciate everyone who engages with my work.


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