Sonnet: Media Trends

Is your life on shuffle or on repeat? Trying to follow each hashtag and tweet. More time spent with followers than friends Obsessing over the media trends. Those viral viewpoints are fast forgotten, Hidden in the history they rot in. Becoming only our ammunition For challenging trivial tradition. For those who are chosen to represent,... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: My Hands Look Older

Today, I looked at my hands, And they looked older Than I remembered Ever seeing before. The skin is looser, colder. The veins underneath, The surface Of a thinner flesh, More visible and pronounced. Where once the pages Of this book were blank, Now I find them Lined, With marks, Where the story of my... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Déjà Vu

All of my mornings start the same As all others have come before. Before I have time to complain, I have already been ignored.    All of my mornings start Before I am ready; I try to play my part And keep myself steady.   All my mornings Will slowly drift. Despite warnings, This low... Continue Reading →

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