30 Days of Micro-Fiction

The Challenge: Write a short story each day in September, you can use the prompt provided on ‘Forever Distracted By Life’ each day, or write a story of your own.

DS Coremans, Forever Distracted By Life

Short Fiction – Definitions

The Six Word Story (6 words)
Twitterature (280 characters)
Mini-Saga/Dribble (50 words)
Micro-Fiction/Drabble (100 words)

Sudden Fiction (750 words)
Flash-Fiction (1000 words)

Author’s Note:

I have long wanted to convert ‘Forever Distracted By Life’ from personal blog into a hub for an online writing community. However until the last few years writing has been a low priority in my life; a constant barrage of life commitments and responsibilities had me well and truly distracted and the irony of my website title continued to mock me playfully until I was ready to engage with things with my fuller attention.

After returning to academia in 2018 I began to write with focus and purpose, as well as sharing my work on a more regular basis I also made more of an effort to network with other writers and poets and began to fully embrace writing as not just a daily practice, but as a career.During that first year as a full-time student of writing I turned my hand to poetry. I quickly found a voice within poetry that I had never felt able to use before; like I had suddenly learned a language I had known my whole life but never been able to speak. Words finally making sense enough to express a lifetime’s worth of repressed emotion and experience.

One of the things I liked most about poetry was the satisfaction of creating ‘completed’ pieces and the joy of learning the rules and requirements of new forms and poetic styles. I began attending live poetry events and reading my work as well as continuing to share it online leading to participation in a number of great writing events and the development of a network of peers I have had the delight to get to know more through their work and conversation.

My first love in writing however was fiction; and in the two years of study so far I have done little to develop new material with any real intent. I have had a great deal of joy taking part in writing events based on prompt based challenges as a poet and have decided to use this format to set myself the challenge of writing more fiction by running daily prompts on Forever Distracted By Life throughout September.

Anyone who would like to take part with me feel free to write along and share your work as comments underneath the post themselves or on my Facebook Page or Twitter. Whichever platform you choose to share your work tag it with #FoDiByLi.

Happy Writing. Stay safe. Stay Distracted.

DSC 01/09/2020

Picture Used Taken: Killin, Scotland (December, 2006) ©DSCoremans

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