30 Days of Micro-Fiction – Prompt 12 of 30

Saturday 12 September 2020 Prompt 12 - Use either the picture provided as inspiration for your story, or write a story about something you have never told anyone.DS Coremans, Forever Distracted By Life Write Either: Six Word Story: (6 words)Follow me on Facebook and share your six word stories there along with the hashtag #FoDiByLi... Continue Reading →

Diamante – Memories/Dreams

Memories.Happy and sad;joyful, hurtful, powerful.You created them. Came to you realised.Lingering, enjoyable, distractinginspiring and scary.Dreams. 2019©DSCoremans Author's Note: Diamante is a beautiful form. It's all about balance and juxtaposition of binary opposites. I like the order and and visual balance of this form. Dreams can be fantastically inspiring as can memories and trying to discern... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt – 07 Sept 2020

Monday 07 September 2020 Use the picture provided as inspiration, or write a poem about a vivid dream or memory.DS Coremans, Forever Distracted By Life Picture Used Taken: Skye, Scotland (October, 2013) ©DSCoremans

Zanze – You Are Not Here

Now; you are not here to guide me.Small decisions are hard to make.I stand without you beside me;I fear I might make a mistake. Now you are not here tooffer your sage advice;that which I learn is newbut comes at such a price. Now you are notphysically here,and I forgotmy path is clear. Now youcan... Continue Reading →


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