Villanelle – Hold Your Tongue

Have I gone blind; or just lost sightof an unplanned destination?Having held my tongue I feel contrite. I am the darkest part of night;I have fed on hesitation.Have I gone blind or just lost sight? Spitting words like venom when I fight,I don’t speak of devastation.Having held my tongue I feel contrite. My bark is... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt – 12 February 2021

Friday 12 February 2021 Use the picture as inspiration, or write a poem about something you are afraid of. DS Coremans, Forever Distracted By Life Picture Used Taken: Florida, USA (September 2008) ©DSCoremans Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

Free Verse: The Spider

The spideron it’s webdoes not scare me. Nor does the dust filled web;I say, but do not believe. I accept,the spider’s right to existin the same waythat the spideraccepts my own. Indifference,unless our paths converge. Outside; a web is welcomefor it belongs in nature.Inside; perhapsit may still belong;but neither the webnor the architectare welcome. Once... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Why I Write

I write For all the wrong reasons. I have So much within me That I want to write, But never feel able To transfer to paper. When I am at my best I throw myself Into all things Which require it, Leaving no time For something As trivial as writing. When I’m busy Writing feels... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: Fear

The following is an extract from my Personal Log: Saturday 9th July 2016 - 23:44 As a full-time carer one of the things that I am most afraid of, is that one day after years of being selfless, I’ll wake up only to realise that my life is over. I think my biggest fear is... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Life Unlived

Often I ask, “Am I a good writer?” Internally of course, never out loud. Of nothing I create have I felt proud For my desire, I am not a fighter.   I try to make others lives seem brighter, My personal passion I try to shroud. I may have wants but they are not allowed,... Continue Reading →

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