Zanze: Feeling

Feeling as though I can’t be seen I am walked through like a doorway I live a life that has not been Of my life I am a stow-away. Feeling as though I can’t Make any more mistakes A truth I can’t recant Too fast to hit the brakes. Feeling as though My mind is... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: 8th September 2018

This was the day on which my mother died. On this day, I learned the meaning of pain And though time has passed, this hurt will remain Long after the tears that have fallen dried. I have forgotten, but I cannot hide From truth, anymore than I can from shame. I have lost the one... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Fearless II

Fearless I walk towards my fate, My destination is unknown. Decisions often made too late, Create actions hard to atone. Fearless I walk towards A decisive moment, Cutting as though with swords, The chance at bestowment. Fearless I walk, Though I should run From those who talk, And hurt someone. Fearless, I will wait. I... Continue Reading →

(Freeform) Zanze: Fearless

Fearless, I walk towards my fate. Feeling like a person condemned, To exist, but never to live Every step forwards a struggle Fearless I walk towards An as yet undefined Future without action Is reactive living Fearless I walk And with each step I am closer To an ending Fearless My life, so far, Nought... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Why I Write II

The most annoying thing About being a writer Is that unless you write, You cannot really consider Yourself to be a writer. I usually write Everything I do At least five or six times In my head Before I ever try To commit to paper. Invariably, This means that a lot Of information Lives in... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Why I Write

I write For all the wrong reasons. I have So much within me That I want to write, But never feel able To transfer to paper. When I am at my best I throw myself Into all things Which require it, Leaving no time For something As trivial as writing. When I’m busy Writing feels... Continue Reading →

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