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Forever Distracted by Life:

Forever Distracted by Life was established in 2014 as the personal blog of writer and poet DS Coremans. In addition to being a carer and guardian for family members, DS Coremans worked two full-time jobs, in educational support & care management. The desire to write and create was always there but the distractions of life were many and it took time for the blog to find a form as it was a place for experimentation and learning.

The purpose of Forever Distracted by Life has always been to provide a place for people with a desire to create to come together, a place to share, learn and grow. When we learn to use our distractions to inspire us, we learn to live forever in the present, forever distracted by life.

For our founder and editor, DS Coremans, Forever Distracted by Life has been a space for processing emotions, sharing insights gained from personal experience, and a place for recovery through creative exploration and collaboration with creative minds from around the world. As a literary and visual arts magazine we try to hold onto these values when deciding which work we choose to promote. Above all we are looking for new voices which resonate with our values, but we are always open to work which excites us.

Forever Distracted by Life is the heart of #FoDiByLi Publishing. Our purpose is to inspire and promote works of original writing and artwork, by writers, poets, and artists at all stages of their careers. From process to publishing, Forever Distracted by Life is intended as a platform for all creative voices to share their work and talk about the practices and craft of their creations.

“Mostly I write for myself as a means of expressing my ideas and thoughts and by writing them down I am able to face them and learn from them.”

DSCoremans (2014), Forever Distracted by Life

About Darren Syme Coremans:

DS Coremans was born in March 1989 in Stirling, Scotland. They are a writer, poet and musician as well as a family-carer and guardian. As of September 2023 DS Coremans is studying MLitt Creative Writing at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

DS Coremans is editor, and founder of the literary magazine Forever Distracted By Life established in 2014. Works of poetry and short-fiction by DS Coremans have been published in several print and online publications including the annual Poetry Marathon Anthology (2019-22); The Lockdown Writing Initiative 2021 Collection and in the online literary magazine The Pine Cone Review.

 Stay Inspired. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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