“Mostly I write for myself as a means of expressing my ideas and thoughts and by writing them down I am able to face them and learn from them.”

DSCoremans (2014), Forever Distracted by Life

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About Forever Distracted by Life:

In 2014 writer and poet Darren Syme (DS) Coremans created the infrequently used blog, ‘Forever Distracted by Life’. At the time Darren worked two full-time jobs as well as being a carer for a family member still living at home.

It would be a few years before writing would become a regular practice. Instead Darren turned to writing when he found himself with limited options otherwise. Forever Distracted by Life became a space of processing, sharing and recovery.

In 2018 Darren’s former lives in the fields of care and education came to a natural end. Rather than pushing on in a role that had brought more success than joy, Darren realised it was time to return to full time education. Starting with an HNC in Professional Writing that swiftly led to the start of an English degree at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Writing is now something Darren has dedicated his fullest attention and life to; in particular a passion for poetry has led to the development of Forever Distracted by Life as a regular writing and sharing space and personal portfolio.

Forever Distracted by Life is the hub and heart of Darren’s creative writing endeavours and is where his writing brand #FoDiByLi is based. As well as finding original writing from DS Coremans; the website is intended as a sharing space for other writers at various stages of their career to discuss all things writing. From process to inspirations, Forever Distracted by Life is intended as a platform for all creative voices to share their work and talk about writing as a practice.


About DS Coremans:

Darren Syme (DS) Coremans was born in March 1989 in Stirling, Scotland.

Darren is his parents youngest of three sons, though not by much, his twin brother (DW) is only 13.5 minutes older. Darren’s older brother, by six years, (PJ) is a musician; he and Darren work together on occasion.

Darren and both of his brother’s live in their parent’s home with their father to allow DW to continue living at home. DW was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy and requires one-to-one care around the clock. After their mother passed away suddenly in September 2018 it was decided as a family to recover together in their family home.

DS Coremans is a writer, poet and a full-time student, family carer and guardian.

 Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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