Free Verse – The Mirror

Now, when I look, deepwithin your eyesmy dearest friendsI see only myselfreflected back.As if the surfaceof your eyesare but a looking glass. At firstI am shockedthat such an ornate mirrorhas been shattered;fractures marthis reflective surface. I stare longer,too long perhaps,and I seethat it is notthe mirrorwhich is brokenbut myself. Seen throughyour eyes,which know me bestall... Continue Reading →

Diamante – Memories/Dreams

Memories.Happy and sad;joyful, hurtful, powerful.You created them. Came to you realised.Lingering, enjoyable, distractinginspiring and scary.Dreams. 2019©DSCoremans Author's Note: Diamante is a beautiful form. It's all about balance and juxtaposition of binary opposites. I like the order and and visual balance of this form. Dreams can be fantastically inspiring as can memories and trying to discern... Continue Reading →

Zanze – You Are Not Here

Now; you are not here to guide me.Small decisions are hard to make.I stand without you beside me;I fear I might make a mistake. Now you are not here tooffer your sage advice;that which I learn is newbut comes at such a price. Now you are notphysically here,and I forgotmy path is clear. Now youcan... Continue Reading →

Senryu – Waiting

Unsure what to do.Waiting; a valid optionbut don’t wait too long. 2020©DSCoremans Author's Note: Today's poem is short and sweet, but also felt right when I found it alongside some other development work I hadn't looked at for a while.Due to time constraints I've been uploading each of the prompts the night before they are... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – The Plight of the Empath

I don’t need forever; just a one-night stand.I am a disposable plastic cup, used once and discardedon this night with nothing, you can understand. An organised fight, grown out of hand;to feel, emotion, without feeling bombarded.I don’t need forever; just a one night stand. Accepting trouble with no reprimandis an unlocked vault, left unguarded.A night... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – A Rose

When I gave my love a rose,they used the thorns to make me bleedand my heart, I had to close. Now no feeling do I show;I am just waiting to be freed,when I give my love a rose. Inside a darkness growsand I hoard it with greed,with my heart, which I have closed. Darkness only... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Memory Fracture

When I found an old journal from my youth,I hoped that it would be a lost treasure.From a child until grown I could measure;accurate, by only my perspective. The type of insight, only I could give,is gained at work and never at leisure.And yet; I am left wondering whetherI weathered the storm without knowing truth.... Continue Reading →

Zanze – The Pregnant Moon

The pregnant moon has birthed a star;a light to guide us through the dark,under which we will travel far.This new life an unending spark; the pregnant moon has birthed,new opportunity,as yet to be unearthed.Without immunity the pregnant moon;nearing her time.Child coming soonserene, sublime. Pregnant;she swells with strength,nature’s gift is regnant,a lasting gift a lifetime’s length.... Continue Reading →

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