#FoDiByLi Featured Poet: DS Coremans – Bold & New

Original Poetry by DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Wednesday 22 June 2022 Senryu - Pain I have seen beforethe damage that pain can do.It lives within you.2022©DSCoremans Cinquain - Push Push throughand you will reachhigher than the heavens.You are more than this one momentof life.2022©DSCoremans Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash Pantoum - Bold & New I... Continue Reading →

#FoDiByLi Featured Poet: DS Coremans – More or Less

Original Poetry by DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Tuesday 21 June 2022 Senryu - Too Long I have slept too long;dreams have replaced memoryand nothing feels real.2022©DSCoremans Cinquain - Short Story The startseems far awayuntil you must returnlearning just how much you have grown.The End.2022©DSCoremans Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash Pantoum - The Heroes Journey Coming... Continue Reading →

#FoDiByLi Poetry – I Fell in Love Again

Original Poetry by DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Sunday 19 June 2022 Senryu - A ReasonWill I ever havewhat other people seem to?A reason to live.2022©DSCoremans Cinquain - I Feel I feelpassionate nowand I hope to feel thisfeeling within me continueto grow.2022©DSCoremans Photo by Fadi Xd on Unsplash Pantoum - Unreasonable I am not an unreasonable person.I try to live... Continue Reading →

#FoDiByLi Poetry – Rittenhouse

Original Poetry by DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Saturday 20 November 2021 Senryu - AngerAnger is heavybut I carry it with melike a shackled stone.2021©DSCoremans Cinquain - SufferLet gothose who wrong usand you may not suffer;until another soul sufferslike you.2021©DSCoremans Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash Pantoum - Unjust Justice Don't you dare fucking tell... Continue Reading →

#FoDiByLi Poetry: Forty-Five Years in Love

Original Poetry by DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Saturday 30 October 2021 Senryu - Reciprocal LoveDo not question love,when you find your love returnedknow you deserve love.2021©DSCoremans Cinquain - Love IsLove isto be desired,to be given freely.when love is accepted, love isreturned.2021©DSCoremans Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Sonnet - Forty-Five Years Today would have been their... Continue Reading →

#FoDiByLi Poetry: Villanelle – Spilled Milk

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Monday 27 September 2021 CinquainThings whichhappen happenwe can’t control the past;which can hold us up or flattenus fast.2021©DSCoremans Writing PromptSaturday 25 September 2021Use the pictures and/or this common cliché as inspiration for a poem or story:“Don't cry over spilled milk.” Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash Senryu... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Sonnet – Silver Lining

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Friday 24 September 2021 Haiku - Shade Standing in the shade,prevents you from burning upin the glare of light.2021©DSCoremans Writing PromptFriday 24 September 2021Use the pictures and/or this common cliché as inspiration for a poem or story:“Every cloud has a silver lining.” Photo by Jonny Clow on Unsplash... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Zanze – Back Where I Belong

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Thursday 23 September 2021 Senryu - ReasonReason is a giftwe only receive afterwe have come to terms.2021©DSCoremans Cinquain - Try AgainSometimesthe only waywe move forward againis to return to the start point.Try again.2021©DSCoremans Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash Zanze - Back Where I Began Now I... Continue Reading →

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