Villanelle – Anxious

Senryu - AnticipationDo you feel anxiousDo you feel the tension climbAnticipation2020©DSCoremans Villanelle - Anxious Of course I am anxious. It’s only natural; anyone would feel like this. I felt the morning place a kiss, while sleep kept me still. So, of course, I am anxious. A task fulfilled is thankless if it is done against... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Each To Their Own

Senryu - AloneWe are not alone;bemoan, we are still at home,we cannot atone.2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Each To Their Own Each to their own. Alone. Dog with a bone. Never give in; a sin, where to begin. Draw lose or win. Too thin; take on the chin, watch your tone. A stone. The duke wears a... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – We Say Goodbye

Triolet - Love Goes OnOur love goes oneternally strongeras the day is longour love goes on.It may feel wrongas days grow longerbut our love goes on,eternally stronger.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - We Say Goodbye With a heavy heart, we say goodbye knowing we will see you once more. For now, for you, we pray and we cry.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Sheena Blackhall

Senryu - Learning and GrowingI learned in my youthall that I needed to knowit took time to grow2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Sheena Blackhall I could have picked Burns, perhaps Walter Scott, but then I remember Norman MacCaig. All have inspired me, I never forgot their meaning, even when the words are vague. But then I remember... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Run the Race

Senryu - AwayIf I run awayfrom you, will you look for meor watch me vanish.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - Run the Race I walk the race at a steady pace; I am always last to finish, but at least I get to run the race. I have tried so hard to find my place where my shine... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Forgotten

Triolet - Isolation WithdrawalWhat have I missed mostas I stay in isolation?Not feeling like a ghost.What have I missed most?Abandoning my post,never a consideration.What have I missed mostas I stayed in isolation?2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Forgotten Pictures of you cavorting in the sun side-by-side with everyone you have missed. Gladly embracing and sharing a kiss; distance... Continue Reading →

May Musings – Shout Into the Void

"The words you say often mean less than your silence. Silence. The only thing people want to hear, other than their own words."DS Coremans Written: Monday 10 May 2021 - 16:08 Shout. Shout loud. Shout loud into the Void. The echoes will return. To you if no one else. The pain in knowing, that your... Continue Reading →

Response to Douglas Ross

"Like a wolf who attempts to dress as a sheep to fool the flock, his attempts at spin are as transparent as the emperor's clothes and neither Ross nor his naked emperor Johnson seem to have any respect or recognition of the pride that Scotland has in herself."DS Coremans Rhyming Couplets - Douglas Ross Can’t... Continue Reading →

May Musings – I Care Too Much

"The crux of being a full-time carer for a family member, of the family I was born into, is that I will never have a family of my own."DS Coremans Written: Monday 10 May 2021 - 13:42 I’ll likely never work in care again. I have accepted this. Grudgingly. What makes it difficult is that... Continue Reading →

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