Sonnet – Sheena Blackhall

Senryu - Learning and GrowingI learned in my youthall that I needed to knowit took time to grow2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Sheena Blackhall I could have picked Burns, perhaps Walter Scott, but then I remember Norman MacCaig. All have inspired me, I never forgot their meaning, even when the words are vague. But then I remember... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Forgotten

Triolet - Isolation WithdrawalWhat have I missed mostas I stay in isolation?Not feeling like a ghost.What have I missed most?Abandoning my post,never a consideration.What have I missed mostas I stayed in isolation?2021©DSCoremans Sonnet - Forgotten Pictures of you cavorting in the sun side-by-side with everyone you have missed. Gladly embracing and sharing a kiss; distance... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Veneration

It’s been a while since I wrote a sonnetIn truth my confidence took a hard knockAs I realised I could barely talkAbout work without giving up on it Not for want of working, far from it;But having run, I find I have to walk.Or I will risk my place within the flockAs I try to... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Love Together

I tried to help, but did not understandand so I cried; I was your distraction,you stopped to console with loving actionyour care, my love, offered with no demand. With your support, upon my legs I standlike I walk on ice; with you, my tractioncarries me to our next interaction.You are there regardless of what you... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Like Atlas

Upon my shoulders the world has been placed;my burden, against my will and protest.I, a bird, return to an empty nest;my potential plundered, and then displaced. The badge I wear leaves me feeling disgraced,revolted by the skin in which I’m dressed.My path and progression have both been pressedand I am hollowed by my hate and... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Too Much

Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much.Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much.Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much.Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much.Too much. Too much. Too much. Too much. Too... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Memory Fracture

When I found an old journal from my youth,I hoped that it would be a lost treasure.From a child until grown I could measure;accurate, by only my perspective. The type of insight, only I could give,is gained at work and never at leisure.And yet; I am left wondering whetherI weathered the storm without knowing truth.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Reality

Reality is practicality;like meeting need, wanting wants, surviving.These markers of success show you thriving;failure to meet them feeds fatality. But before finding your finality;In your search for success you are strivingassured that affluence is arriving.Self-belief is a technicality. Most will work hard as they try to achieveyet there are some who take more than they... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Memories

Memories already; begin to fade,lost to time or repression. Just the same,I want to remember, but find I blamemy failure on the mistakes I have made. If I followed a path then I have strayedand though the life I have lived has been tame;I have tried hard to always play the gamebut the rules have... Continue Reading →

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