Sonnet – Memory Fracture

When I found an old journal from my youth,I hoped that it would be a lost treasure.From a child until grown I could measure;accurate, by only my perspective. The type of insight, only I could give,is gained at work and never at leisure.And yet; I am left wondering whetherI weathered the storm without knowing truth.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Reality

Reality is practicality;like meeting need, wanting wants, surviving.These markers of success show you thriving;failure to meet them feeds fatality. But before finding your finality;In your search for success you are strivingassured that affluence is arriving.Self-belief is a technicality. Most will work hard as they try to achieveyet there are some who take more than they... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Memories

Memories already; begin to fade,lost to time or repression. Just the same,I want to remember, but find I blamemy failure on the mistakes I have made. If I followed a path then I have strayedand though the life I have lived has been tame;I have tried hard to always play the gamebut the rules have... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Sleepwalker

Even when awake, I see he sleepwalks;he tries so hard to move from day to day,but his barriers never go away.He tries so hard to hide it when he talks; if people saw the truth they would be shockedthat behind the laughter, smiling and playis a man who from his own path has strayedand now... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – #indyref2

Chaos; their downfall and their sordid shield,this small government of one trick ponies.Inexperienced, out of touch phonies;who grasp a fiery sword too hot to wield This cabinet lacks experts of the field;all opportunists or Johnson’s cronies.Waste of nation’s time on ceremonies;another option most found unappealing and while Corbyn’s loss may be Starmer’s gainwill this new... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Lambs

Lambs in fields seem to grow faster each year;Growing to look like their mothers, beforeWinter will come and soon we ignoretheir youth, replaced by usefulness or fear. Their lives belong to the highest bidderwho may have travelled from the farthest shore,for a new stock to toil in daily chore,purpose from purchase abundantly clear. Yes, green... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – War & Peace

Are you at peace, with the war between us; How many more battles must we begin? We fight a war neither of us can win And while it would seem that this is obvious Still instead of feelings we create fuss. Yet I am drawn in, much to my chagrin Long before I can take... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: This House

In this house in which I have never stayed I am surrounded by my possessions Each in their time my current obsessions The focus I gave them I may have prayed With the toys and objects with which I played Imagination was my profession The quelling of my lonely confession The experience of which I... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Tomorrow or Today

Life has a tendency to pass quickly All too soon tomorrow becomes today When we are young we wish our lives away Until we become older and sickly And when life has laid itself on thickly The overwhelmed fall to their knees and pray Looking to dispel where the clouds are grey Their presence feels... Continue Reading →

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