Villanelle – Conflict

There are so many things that I wish to doyet it feels like my life does not belong to me,for I am forever waiting on a forgotten cue. While residing in my nest which was never newI longed to stray from my confines and be free;there are so many things that I wish to do.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Memories

Memories already; begin to fade,lost to time or repression. Just the same,I want to remember, but find I blamemy failure on the mistakes I have made. If I followed a path then I have strayedand though the life I have lived has been tame;I have tried hard to always play the gamebut the rules have... Continue Reading →

Rhyming Couplets – Should I

Should I wish myself thin;Should I beg to be rich?Should I cheat so I win;Should I act like a bitch? Should I throw in the towel;Should I rely on fate?Should I sleep like an owl;Should I go to bed late? Should I cry when I’m sad;Should I smile when I’m happy?Should I yell when I’m... Continue Reading →

Free Verse – Struggle

I am trying, as only the god can attest, I am trying. I don't always realise how far I've come, then I find poems like this one which remind me of how much I have accomplished in a relatively short space of time.I wrote 'Struggle' in December of 2018, my mother had just passed away... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Remember The Time

Do you remember the timethe virus came;you stayed inside? You could not hide,and tried to blame;do you remember the time? While they tried to finda cure to tame;you stayed inside. Do you still have pride?You’ll never be the same.Do you remember the time you lost your mind;and forgot your name?Do you remember the timeyou stayed... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Duality

Duality. A loss and a gain;a hastily made decision.Another chance to earn your name; where nothing will ever be the sameand doing nothing becomes a prisonof duality. A loss and a gain. Nothing can ever truly remainwithin the past, which cannot be erased.Another chance to earn your name, worth working through the painand all of... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – My Reply

I stare at the screen, my turn to replyMind empty of all but despairI’d rather say nothing; than tell you a lie Seconds, minutes, hours, days. Time keeps ticking byMy energy lost I have none to spareI stare at the screen, my turn to reply Instead I stop and take a breath which turns into... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Sleepwalker

Even when awake, I see he sleepwalks;he tries so hard to move from day to day,but his barriers never go away.He tries so hard to hide it when he talks; if people saw the truth they would be shockedthat behind the laughter, smiling and playis a man who from his own path has strayedand now... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Help

I want nothing more than to ask For help, yet I have no idea How to start this most painful task As I must acknowledge my fear I want nothing more than My opportunity To walk where I have ran From obligation free I want nothing Yet must take time Never loving This life of... Continue Reading →

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