May Musings – It’s Over

"The truth is there has been a wait for so many things ‘to be over’ for such a long time, that we have begun to wish our lives away."DS Coremans Written: Tuesday, 04 May 2021 - 18:16 I’m given to understand that “it’s over,” though what it is I can’t be sure. The truth is... Continue Reading →

February Musings – Failure

Is there such a thing as failure if you can continue to try. Failed attempts, but of course, failed starts, failed projects? I wonder that these things are less certain. A failed start implies a sense of expectation of failure to begin, few go into ventures that they believe will fail, even when things go... Continue Reading →

February Musings – Decisions

Are the decisions we make right or wrong? Does choice have a fixed morality? We live in a world where every life is one of constant choices and decisions yet are the same questions and decisions always answered the same way by all? When is something right? When is something wrong? Can that which is... Continue Reading →

February Musings – Tired

There is so much that I want to do. But I am tired. Tired. Tired doesn’t feel like strong enough a word. I am exhausted, deflated, broken down and burnt-out. I am an empty tank, a cracked glass which leaks water faster than it can be filled. I am a shaking breath, being drawn into... Continue Reading →

February Musings – Broken

I feel broken, yet I’m not really sure why…nothing has changed. I have come to learn. Something that others have known far longer. I need time to grieve, for someone long since gone from my own life. I am full of sorrow for someone whose journey has ended, far too young, and I must face... Continue Reading →

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