Personal Blog – And She Is With Us

And she is with us. There is often no reason to force the words for they will come. The words often unknown until they are committed to paper. I miss mum. Getting to Carnoustie was hard, we all resisted and dragged our heels, but we are here now. It pains me that she is not... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog – Out Of Sync

For a while, I have been trying, to find within me some semblance of synchronicity and balance. After months of an unintended and sedentary lifestyle my mind feels like it has begun to atrophy along with my body. Now it is September and I must begin to prepare for my return to University after five... Continue Reading →

Picture Prompt: Sunset

The Challenge: Using this picture as inspiration write a poem or piece of flash-fiction. There are no set themes or genres, just write if you feel inspired to do so. If you feel happy sharing your work, please paste it along with a link to your own work in the comments section and I will... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: A Dropped Ball

Last week I began the transition of 'Forever Distracted by Life' from an infrequently used writing portfolio to a daily posting, collaborative writing space. Up until this morning, my scheduled posts have gone ahead without a hitch, but this morning I dropped the ball. As always the name of my blog makes me smile because... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: On The Train

One of my favourite places to write, is on the train. Every journey to college, becomes a space to create and in particular poetry. Where do other writers do their writing? Where is the weirdest place you've found yourself writing?

Personal Blog: Challenge Accepted

As most of the regular followers (as I understand it, there are some out there, do feel free to say 'Hi' sometime) of Forever Distracted by Life know I have in the last few months been bitten by the poetry bug. Having never really engaged with poetry beyond the mandatory level of academia as presented... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: One Hundred

This moment has been coming for days. Weeks. Months. Years. Four of them to be exact. On the 18th May 2014, I posted on Forever Distracted by Life for the first time. My first post, ‘So. Let’s Get Started…’ was my statement of intent. A first public outcry of my desire to be an author.... Continue Reading →

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