Zanze – You Are Not Here

Now; you are not here to guide me.Small decisions are hard to make.I stand without you beside me;I fear I might make a mistake. Now you are not here tooffer your sage advice;that which I learn is newbut comes at such a price. Now you are notphysically here,and I forgotmy path is clear. Now youcan... Continue Reading →

Senryu – Waiting

Unsure what to do.Waiting; a valid optionbut don’t wait too long. 2020©DSCoremans Author's Note: Today's poem is short and sweet, but also felt right when I found it alongside some other development work I hadn't looked at for a while.Due to time constraints I've been uploading each of the prompts the night before they are... Continue Reading →

Senryu – Stranger

Would you know yourselfif you met them in the streetor would you walk by? 2019©DSCoremans Picture Used Taken: Florida, USA (Sept, 2008) ©DSCoremans

Senryu – #indyref2

Without people’s will;Independence cannot comeSoon enough for us. 2020©DSCoremans Picture Used Taken: Stirling, Scotland (November, 2016) ©DSCoremans

Senryu – Politics

Government has failedTo provide; for the nationTrusted politics. 2020©DSCoremans Picture Used Taken: London, England (June, 2007) ©DSCoremans

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