Villanelle – Passionate Fire

My passion burns for you like poison pulsing through my veins.You are fire, my love; your intensity enticing,you leave anger in my heart and little else remains. You couldn’t leave those little things and constantly complained.You are fire, my love; your ferocity frightening;my passion burns for you like poison pulsing through my veins. Like a... Continue Reading →

Verse Form: Ash Upon The Ground

The ash tracks the ground Where I stood, where I stand   The fall makes no sound Misunderstood, misunderstand   A circle surround I understood, I understand   That the ash marks the ground Where I stood, and where I stand   2020©DSCoremans

Sonnet: Fire

During that first hour the fire is too cold, Starting small with paper and dry kindling, It’s not too long before they start dwindling. Add coals and logs, have patience, and behold,   As the fire consumes watch the flames grow gold. As each log burns, I watch as it turns black Then white. Knowing... Continue Reading →

Never Play With Fire​

Sitting quietly outside the doorway he was invisible. Eyes the colour of earth, soaked with rain took in everything. Not the details of the room, nor the occupants; so enraptured in their conversation that the quiet boy went unnoticed, even as he shuffled closer to the door. Upon arrival, the visiting adults had gushed over... Continue Reading →

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