NaNoWriMo 2016 – Thursday, 27th October 2016 – 09:33

I start work in 27 minutes, so blogging really shouldn’t be my top priority right now. However after falling asleep thinking about work, and waking up thinking about it, I needed to do something which didn’t involve thinking about how much work there is to do. The past few weeks at work have been an emotional spiral of ups and downs, due to a not unexpected restructure. The suddenness of it however, gave me little time to think about what I wanted vocationally so I still find myself questioning the decision I have made even though I do feel happier than I have in months, knowing that change is imminent.

I wait now only for someone to take over my current role, before I get to sink my teeth into a new challenge, albeit in slightly less work hours, but my hope is that with a new target, with set parameters and goals, I will be more likely to apply the same way of working too my own life.

As with all new things, as soon as I know they will be happening, I want them straight away, and mentally I check out from whatever my current focus is and start dreaming about what is coming next.

November 2016 is going to be an interesting and busy time for me, and hopefully it will also be successful.

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