Poetry: – Verse Form – I Spoke

A Poem of Regret


I spoke to you poorly,

I faced you with shame.

I spoke without thinking,

I spoke only to blame.


I listened to nothing,

But the voice in my head,

That fills me with anger,

That fills me with dread.


I shout, curse, chastise

Unsure what I’ll gain

I shout trying to drown out

An unspoken pain.


I fear I may lose you,

It wakes me at night.

I fear I may lose you,

Yet it makes me contrite.


I wish I had listened,

When I instead I had spoke.

But passion had moved me,

My frustrations broke.


I speak to you now

and I promise to try

To hear what you say,

and help you get by.


DS Coremans

Written: Friday, 22 September 2017- 20:15

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  1. Thilda Syme ” Mum’s reply… ”

    Your words come from the heart
    What else can I say..
    You reduce me to tears
    On this cloudy day

    Do you think you upset me?
    As I can’t think why,
    For to think you will lose thee
    Is what made me cry

    What ever you regret son
    Don’t worry anymore
    I forgive and I love you
    Now forget it as I don’t want to here anymore.


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