Responses to Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

I’ve been looking for a while now for different ways to make writing a daily practice. While I do write most days, it is often in my handwritten journals. I tend not to write with any intention of sharing. As a blog writer, this creates a problem; as the whole purpose of having a blog is to share content.

I really hope that by writing a few one draft posts with the help of the prompts, I will be able to explore a little the development of sharable content. While also exploring my myself a little too.


Responses to Writing Prompts

Response to Writing Prompt #1

Make a List of 30 things which make you smile.

This was a hard list to fill, and an even harder list to reflect on.

I really enjoyed writing it. It pushed me a little to explore some of the things that make me smile, and in turn, how far removed I am from those things some times.

I don’t smile as often as I once did, a side effect of living a busy life. But this year has changed me, it’s given me new insights into being the truest version of myself.

Lately I have found myself smiling more, not at things, as a default expression. By reflecting on things, like this list, I truly begin to question more the intricacies that come with maintaining lasting happiness.


Response to Writing Prompt #2

Write a letter to your teenage self.

This wasn’t a writing prompt challenge per say. It was a letter I wrote to a ‘past self’, a task given to me a few weeks ago by my counsellor.

The prompt was in many of the lists I read, and after reading the letter again today, I shared it as a reminder to myself of the promise I am want to keep.

I have spent a long time being unhappy with myself, and it is only recently that I can truly say I have begun to overcome this.

Counselling for me was not an easy route to go down, but one which I am growing ever more grateful for having chosen. My counsellor brings me back to the present, by helping me reflect on the past. I have a great deal more to do, and I am okay knowing that it is a life long learning curve. I look forward to learning as I go, but I’m sure I will remain ‘Forever Distracted by Life’.


Response to Writing Prompt #3

Write a list of 10 words to describe yourself.

This was very hard, I first filled this list with very negative words. It took me a while to see past them, and finally find words which I was happy to use.

I learned more about myself from writing the list than I did from the words I settled on. I had to fight so many negative notions to find words which meant something to me. It took a long time to write considering it is the shortest post I’ve ever written. I found it hardest of all thinking,

“Is that how I see myself, or is it how I think others see me?”

A question I’m not sure I can fully answer.

At first I thought the list painted a picture of a person devoid of much character.

Reserved, rational and contained are all words which speak of a person with little outward expressive tendencies.

But then creative. A very general word, but one with a lot of possibility. It speaks of my desire to express that which I have learned through life, using as many of the creative mediums which I have learned along the way.

Loyal, responsible; both speak of someone who seems to put practicality before desire.

Pensive. This was a word I took a long time to choose. I overthink everything, and getting lost in thought can often be detrimental to me moving forwards in life.

Giving. I spend so much of my life giving to others, facilitating the needs of others or putting others needs before my own. I now find naming and meeting my own needs incredibly difficult.

Passionate. I felt for a while that I lived without passion, that just because I have no one focus, or interest that I had no passion. The truth is I meet everything I do with passion, pouring my all into all things I do. It takes me a lot to remember to regulate, and stop myself from burning myself out.

In Progress. I am not a finished product, and I doubt I ever will be. I hope one day to be content, and happy with my life. And in some ways I truly am, but I have more learning to do still. I know that I should always be learning, always experiencing new things where possible.

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