Picture Prompt: Nature II


IMAG0422.jpgThe Challenge:
Using this picture as inspiration write a poem or piece of flash-fiction. There are no set themes or genres, just write if you feel inspired to do so. (Max. Word Count: 250).

If you feel happy sharing your work, please paste it along with a link to your own work in the comments section and I will add all entries to the original post along with a link to your work.

My hope is to highlight the work of the many talented writer’s of WordPress and beyond; while at the same time Networking with those who take part.

Happy Writing. DSC

About Today’s Picture:
(At the end of each week, I will add your entries to the original post along with a little more information about each of the pictures I choose.)

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  1. I want to do your picture prompts but I am all occupied..
    I think I will be slightly less occupied next to next week.
    Hold on til then :]

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