Sonnet: Turn It Off, Then On Again

“Have you tried turning it off, then back on?”
“Aye son, gonnae help me fix ma TV?”
“Okay. Can you tell me what you can see?”
“A cannae see a ‘hing. The pictures goan.”

“Can you see the serial number shown?”
“Ye mean they daft scribbles? They’re far too wee.
Ah thought you said you were goin’ tae help me?”
“It’s harder to do sir over the phone.”

“No like ma auld yin, I’m telling ye that.”
“Wait, when exactly did your old TV break?”
“Last week, and this new wan’s too bloody flat.”
“Sir, I think I might have found the mistake…”

“Oh aye, and what might that be Sonny-Jim?”
“Can I please just check…have you plugged it in?”




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