Senryu – Waiting

Unsure what to do.
Waiting; a valid option
but don’t wait too long.


Author’s Note:

Today’s poem is short and sweet, but also felt right when I found it alongside some other development work I hadn’t looked at for a while.

Due to time constraints I’ve been uploading each of the prompts the night before they are due to go live. Ideally I would have pre-arranged all of the prompts for the month, but alas, I was distracted by life and have found myself four night in a row now uploading post and catching up on writing long after midnight.

On the one hand I know my oil reserves are limited, that my candle will not burn indefinitely. On the other hand, I like how quiet it is at this time of the night, relatively speaking. I find that though I am tired, I can work unhindered doing whatever I feel inspired to do until I come to a natural stopping point.

And this…is tonight’s natural stopping point.

DSC 05/09/2020 – 02:04

This poem was used as inspiration for today’s Poetry Prompt.

Picture Used Taken: Skye, Scotland (April, 2010) ©DSCoremans

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