Free Verse: Who I Am

I lie, to no-one But Myself. Honesty, harder Than most other things I choose not to write, Not because I have no inspiration But because I am afraid. A lack of desire To open up Even if just to myself. The introspection which comes From limitless creativity Can overwhelm A chaotic mind. Happy Yes, I... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Life Unlived

Often I ask, “Am I a good writer?” Internally of course, never out loud. Of nothing I create have I felt proud For my desire, I am not a fighter.   I try to make others lives seem brighter, My personal passion I try to shroud. I may have wants but they are not allowed,... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Looking for Love

Looking for love in all the wrong places, Swiping right on all of the same faces. Asking questions getting one-word answers, It’s a social media disaster.   Whatever happened to love at first sight? Enter a room and just know that tonight, Is the night where you will first cast your eye, On a future... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: His Hand He Did Lay

Upon my shoulder his hand he did lay, For just one moment, perfection today. Less than a second, eternity still, Night’s spent long dreaming for this very thrill.   We pass in a hallway, through me he looks Perhaps perfection, on my part mistook. I chastise myself, confidence shaken, Forget about love, yet unawakened.  ... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Free Verse – Life Goes By

A Poem of Desire Trying to be everything Feeling like nothing Wanting something Unsure, uncertain Hoping, dreaming Wanting more Life goes by A daily chore Lost in chaos Trying to see A different way To live, to be Too many options Twists and turns Hesitation  Crash and burn Waiting for nothing The timing right? Wait... Continue Reading →

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