Sonnet: His Hand He Did Lay

Upon my shoulder his hand he did lay,

For just one moment, perfection today.

Less than a second, eternity still,

Night’s spent long dreaming for this very thrill.


We pass in a hallway, through me he looks

Perhaps perfection, on my part mistook.

I chastise myself, confidence shaken,

Forget about love, yet unawakened.


I cannot ignore, this hopeless romance,

I feel eyes burning with every glance.

Lingering longer, he stands by my side,

An exorbitant joy I cannot hide.


Then on my shoulder his hand he did lay,

He asks to join, as I go on my way.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed writing this, so I have high hopes that I will indeed write more in this style. Thanks for getting in touch. DSC

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