Free Verse: You OK With This?

In your street, there lives Someone Who moved to the UK Years ago From elsewhere in the EU. They maybe own a home, Work and pay taxes, Have British children. Our government Is making them pay To register As foreigners And ask permission To stay in their homes. You OK with this? ***** What about... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Forty-Eight Letters

Forty-Eight letters that’s all it will take, To topple a giant with no mandate, And a heart full of selfishness and hate. Who would rather her people never wake,   Her ill-thought plan an untested half-bake, Her appetite for greed will never sate. Isn’t it time to make the Torries wait? Why are we rushing... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Brexit

It’s about time. We have waited ages, For five hundred and eighty-five pages. We waited for answers to help explain, Why we are leaving, instead of remain.   The Conservative manipulation, Two years waiting for clarification Beyond, “Brexit means Brexit” on repeat That stale rhetoric our countries defeat.   “The People have spoken” but now... Continue Reading →

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