Free Verse: You OK With This?

In your street, there lives
Who moved to the UK
Years ago
From elsewhere in the EU.

They maybe own a home,
Work and pay taxes,
Have British children.

Our government
Is making them pay

To register
As foreigners
And ask permission
To stay in their homes.

You OK with this?


What about
We take it one step further?
What about
Making Them
Wear armbands
To help identify them?

Or sew stars to their jackets,
Or pink triangles?
Better yet
Why don’t we move them
Out of their homes,
For their own safety,
And into specially designed camps.

This is fascism.

This is dangerous.

This has happened before.

Happen again.

Rather than learn
From that which has come before us
We have allowed ourselves
To repeat
The mistakes of history.

None of this is in my name,
Yet I am forced to feel
The shame,
Of living within
A country who hunts,
The marginalised,
And all of this is done
By out of touch…politicians.

You OK with this?

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