Response to: On Holiday

My response to the post: On Holiday   I’ve been in a cottage in Skye now for three days. A holiday that was almost cancelled at the ninth, tenth, and eleventh hour. Yet one which thankfully went ahead. After mum passed in September, we had no choice but to pull together as a family. This... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: On Holiday

Rational Darren: Okay time to get some work done Holiday Darren: Oh yeah sure, but first I’ll build a fire. Rational Darren: A fire, but it’s the middle of the day…okay, but just a little one. Holiday Darren: Sure, sure, then I’ll get right to work. Rational Darren: Great, that’s lit, let’s get going… Holiday... Continue Reading →


Written on: Wednesday, 28th June 2017 - 11:43 I have a doctor’s appointment today. When I remembered at 10:20 and checked my phone I immediately threw myself in the shower getting ready to try to make it to Stirling for 11:00am. I arrived in a panic, sweating and out of breath having run to the... Continue Reading →

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