Personal Blog: On Holiday

Rational Darren: Okay time to get some work done

Holiday Darren: Oh yeah sure, but first I’ll build a fire.

Rational Darren: A fire, but it’s the middle of the day…okay, but just a little one.

Holiday Darren: Sure, sure, then I’ll get right to work.

Rational Darren: Great, that’s lit, let’s get going…

Holiday Darren: Absolutely, but this wine looks good.

Rational Darren: You could have that after you finish working? Oh, you’re already pouring it.

Holiday Darren: Yep

Rational Darren: Are you ready to work yet?

Holiday Darren: Sure, sure…I’d better top the fire up first, don’t want it going out.

Rational Darren: Please, please just write the damn essay.

Holiday Darren: Damn, relax dude, you’re on holiday.

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