So. Let’s get started…

The Internet defines an author as “someone who has written a book, an article, or a document.” I am not conceited enough to consider myself an author. But for many reasons, I enjoy writing, and would love to call myself a writer “someone who has written something or writes in a specific style.”

Mostly I write for myself as a means of expressing my ideas and thoughts and by writing them down I am able to face them and learn from them. To be plagued by one thought over and over again, can be both wonderful and terrible, depending of course on the thought. But good or bad I enjoy writing them down. The good thoughts I tend to look back on from time to time and just enjoy the way they made me feel at the time and how they feel looking at them in retrospect. The bad thoughts usually live in a dark corner of a hard drive in a word document; locked away and given no attention, and most of the time that is where they stay, because once a dark thought has been acknowledged, it no longer has the power to loom over you it is a thing which can be dealt with, and so they are written down and locked away.

This blog is mainly a personal project, it is a place I’d like to share some thoughts from time to time, and if I get the chance I may get to share some of the literary work I have been working on. The opinions I will share are my own and the stories, which I hope to tell, are works of fiction, which I have written.

Should anyone else ever stumble upon this blog feel free to read what I have written, but in the case of the creative writing which I am hoping to share I would ask that none of it is copied or shared without contacting me first.

I have never chosen to share my writing until this time and while posts may be few and far between I hope to share a new story every month or so. The short stories I intend to share will be a small part to a much larger project I am working on and I hope that by sharing them I will give myself the confidence and the inspiration to continue with my long-term project, which is still in very early stages.

One day, I would like to say, “I am an Author.”

But until such times as I feel I can make that statement, I am happy to say that I write, even if I am just writing for myself.

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