No Apology Needed

This isn’t my first blog.

Though to be honest, I’m sure I’m not the only person to ever start a project only for it to have fallen, spectacularly, by the wayside. Full of good intentions though it may have been when first the project was devised, it becomes clear that honourable though your intentions may have been, both time and inclination are lacking when it comes to writing posts.

My last blog was supposed to be about revelations of adulthood, and realisations of life gathered by my unique journey from adolescence to adulthood. But the biggest realisation is that everyone has a unique journey to share, and I got far to caught up in my own world to concentrate on what the experiences meant to me.

And thus a new blog was born! Or… at least the title. Forever Distracted by Life, is an expression I find myself using all too often, I am incredibly flighty and impulsive, two qualities which mean I am forever starting things which I want to work on and then partway through, something else inspires me and I wander off.

I do come back to things in the end, but sometimes it can take a while. For that, I offer no apology. As I said in my first post, this project is about me, and for me. Yes, I’m posting this on an online forum, but as a means to an end. For once I want to commit to a project and see it through, and this Blog should hopefully be my way of keeping me focused and giving me a place to direct this project from.

This blog is a long-term project, it may be used infrequently, or I may use it more often than I had originally intended. Only time will tell, and while I will use this section of the blog to share my own musings from time to time, this Blog is my way of exploring The Phoenix Project. This is a creative writing project I have devised and undertaken; there is a separate page to which all of the Phoenix related posts will be posted, and shortly a more thorough explanation will be offered as to just what exactly the Phoenix Project is.

Should anyone decide to follow this project, then I thank them in advance, and as time goes on I hope you enjoy the development of a project that means a lot to me.

See you soon, or not.

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