Parted lips, closed eyes,

Slowly breathing, no disguise

Sleep holds, deep alluring,

He lay watching, thoughts intruding.

Lies so close, limbs caress,

Heart is racing while they rest

Lips they part, and softly mutter,

Now his heart does dance and flutter.

This vision turns with gentle grace

And pulls him in, a tight embrace

The world surrounding, starts to dwindle

His passion for his lover kindles.

Breathing deeply, he’s drawn in

He feels a burning in his skin

His mind is now controlled by lust

And stretching out a hand to touch

His lover turns, and draws away

But in the air his hand does stay

Contact broken, a fading high

A silent tear escapes his eye.

Remorse, regret, consumed by shame

His feelings he now tries to tame

He dwells now on their brief embrace

And looks again upon that face

Suddenly those eyes are open

And from those lips, a question spoken

“I had a great dream, how bout you?”

He dared not say, “I dreamed of you.”

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