Creation in Vein

Red lips, slender waist, ebony hair

All that she is, I desire.

By my side, her body like the sunset

Sinking into linen sheets.

A world I cannot penetrate

As tangible as dreams


In the haze of reality, I was drawn

Her form filling me with Carnal lust

Envisioning her body entwined with my own

Yet with the clarity of time

Such instinctive raptor, transformed

Physical longing, now an eternal passion


With strength I do not fully understand,

I draw my gaze from her unreadable face

Her exposed flesh a testament to our act of love

I cannot help but admire her insubstantial frame

Which somehow carries her exceptional essence

My view is filled by the crimson of her lips


Those lips which last rested upon my wrist

Stained by the sanguine liquid which failed

In giving her eternity, to which now I am doomed

Already I am as I was, perfect at least in form

Her perfection unspoiled by death

She has been taken


The blood, the blood which promised infinity

Leaves me incomplete

I am cursed with a future which is absolute

Human life seeks companionship,

But now I know my own life is a solitary one

And so to her, with whom my life I can no longer share




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