I speak quite freely about my own personal beliefs to those who have the inclination to listen.

I don’t believe in preaching my beliefs though as they are intrinsically my own and would likely not be as applicable to others as they are to me. That of course is I suppose the nature of belief.

I believe in love, in tolerance, in forgiveness, in equity, in diversity, choice and freedom.

I champion these rights in others even when they do not give me the same in return because it is morally just.

I held the belief for a long time that because I knew I was right, it gave me the right to chastise others for being wrong. I learned that I gain nothing from this and distance myself from my interpretation of God by doing so. God is not a belief system, but a lifestyle.

By accepting all facets of myself and others I am more able to confidently accept my place in the world and rise above any form of intolerance which may come my way.

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