A Bloody Disgrace

“Would you look at that it’s ridiculous!”


“Imagine cutting the grass like that.”

“Ah, know”

“That field used to be looked after.”

“Ah, know”

“They cut it when it’s raining.”

“Ah, know”

“Now look, a bloody disgrace”

“Ah, know”

“It’s those kids I’m saying.”

“Ah hear you hen.”

“Are you listening?”


“It’s those kids I’m saying.”

“Ah, know”

“Running aboot in that field playing football at aw times eh night.”


“It’s a bloody disgrace.”


“Imagine cutting the grass when it’s raining.”

“Ah, ken.”

“A bloody disgrace.”

“Aye hen, a bloody disgrace.”

(Conversation overheard walking past an elderly couple as I walked past a football field on my way to work.)

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    1. It’s a very typical kind of non conversation from where I grew up. Neither of them were really listeing to the other, they were just on loop saying words I’m sure they’ve both said a hundred times before.

      There is something very raw about it, yet I actually find it quite beautiful as well.

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