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Friday 8th July 2016 – 21:59

A lesson in Writing.

First Lesson: Write.

A writer who does not write is not a writer.

An author will always be an author.

But to be a writer, you have to write.

I do most of my writing in my head, I like it in there, it’s easy to edit, it’s fun to think about, it changes and evolves as the stories grow, but you know why things are the way they are, so it’s easy to follow.

Then it comes to writing, there is so much in your head that you truly don’t know where to begin, so you put off starting, as you realise it will need time and commitment something which you just don’t have time for.

But writing is not supposed to be a chore, it is supposed to be a way of life, writing because it is what is natural to do, and by committing thoughts and dreams to paper I feel like I will begin to make my life feel more tangible, as I can pinpoint thoughts, and moments. Reactions to experience, true emotion, as I feel it, when I feel it. Already reading back has filled me with sadness, but that is because I realise I always write at the lowest points in my life when I have nothing else to do but write out of sheer frustration.

So no vows, no promises, no plans. Just writing, when I have a strong urge to do so, do it.

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