Personal Blog: Over Reacting

The Following is an extract from my Personal Log:

Unknown Date (Between 06.09.14 – 12.04.15)

I overreact to things. I already knew this about myself. But…

For the first time in the longest time, I had a dream which I remember.

I received a gift from an old family friend, a calendar with precious pictures of us and then some pictures of her family. Each picture had a beautiful quote on it which related to the picture. I was so overwhelmed rather than just put it straight onto the wall, I took it to my mum’s house to show her it. She took it out of its bag and then for whatever reason removed the binder. I was so angry, I watched as all of the pages of the calendar fell to the floor and I couldn’t help but shout my frustrations. My mum, realising too late what the binder was for started crying as she had unintentionally upset me.

Even in my dream, I was devastated, I said quite calmly, 

“Actually it doesn’t matter, I can just use blue-tack to put it on the wall, it doesn’t change the beauty of the gift itself.”

I then hugged my mum and tried to reassure her that everything was okay.

Then. I woke up.

I felt guilty. I was devastated that, even in my dream, my actions resulted in my mum crying.

I overreact to things. I already knew this about myself. But for the first time, in the longest time, I realise that my behaviour does not just affect me, but those around me. When I become irritable, irrational, irate at all of the little things. When I demand and expect the world from myself.

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