Free Verse – The Mirror

Now, when I look, deepwithin your eyesmy dearest friendsI see only myselfreflected back.As if the surfaceof your eyesare but a looking glass. At firstI am shockedthat such an ornate mirrorhas been shattered;fractures marthis reflective surface. I stare longer,too long perhaps,and I seethat it is notthe mirrorwhich is brokenbut myself. Seen throughyour eyes,which know me bestall... Continue Reading →

Free Verse – Struggle

I am trying, as only the god can attest, I am trying. I don't always realise how far I've come, then I find poems like this one which remind me of how much I have accomplished in a relatively short space of time.I wrote 'Struggle' in December of 2018, my mother had just passed away... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: The Spider

The spideron it’s webdoes not scare me. Nor does the dust filled web;I say, but do not believe. I accept,the spider’s right to existin the same waythat the spideraccepts my own. Indifference,unless our paths converge. Outside; a web is welcomefor it belongs in nature.Inside; perhapsit may still belong;but neither the webnor the architectare welcome. Once... Continue Reading →

Free Verse – Questions Like These

Was I ever ever good at my job?I’d like to think I was;but the further removed I have becomefrom a desk that was never mine,no matter how much I clung to it,has left me with questionsto which I have no answer. 2020©DSCoremans Picture Used Taken: Carnoustie, Scotland (May, 2017) ©DSCoremans

Free Verse – Crying Eyes

Dark dreams;man’s heartpoisoned. Spita work of art. No defence;retaliationCountermandedat demonstration. Crying eyes;repeated lies.No surprise;we demonise. Speak of truthor speak of pain;misspent youthnever the same. Rotten through,your core is vile;cannot swallowthe taste of bile. Crying eyes;repeated lies.No surprise;we demonise. Not yet forgotten,but left behind;the jail we rot inis in our mind. Now disappear,into the nightand take... Continue Reading →

Free Verse – I Saw You

I saw you For the first time in years. We haven’t spoken; Since I told you how I felt About you. You looked tired And…distracted, like the world around you Didn’t exist, your feet Taking you forwards Without thought. Your face has more lines Like pages in a book, I want to read Each of... Continue Reading →

Free Verse – Withdrawal

I withdrew Not noticeably Not at first And those who knew me best Saw me as often as they had before For I was never the social butterfly But I withdrew Because I didn’t earn enough Because I had to work Because I had to study Because I had to care Always did I have... Continue Reading →

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