Personal Blog: One Hundred

This moment has been coming for days. Weeks. Months.

Years. Four of them to be exact.

On the 18th May 2014, I posted on Forever Distracted by Life for the first time.
My first post, ‘So. Let’s Get Started…’ was my statement of intent. A first public outcry of my desire to be an author.

Writing has been more than just a passion of mine, but a desire. For the most part, I considered it a pipe-dream, one which I never really believed I would do anything to make happen. For years, I was right. Life was too distracting. Too many things vied for my attention, and writing never seemed important enough to pursue above anything else going on.

Yet as time moved on my desire and compunction to write grew, plaguing me whenever I tried to ignore it. The few times I tried channelling this creative desire led to outbursts of emotional writing coupled with the development of a long-planned fiction project, which rather than refining grew arms and legs until I had no idea where to begin.

Without trying, writing kept happening, but unrefined and uncontrolled.

In August of 2018, my life changed when I returned to college to study writing full-time. For many reasons, 2018 has become for me, a year of transition. Slowly, I learned more about who I was and not only what I wanted, but how to make that happen. My life is very different to the one I was living in May 2014, but what has remained the same is my desire to create, and my belief that doing so will be the catalyst to a life that leaves me feeling fulfilled.

So why is today important?

Today, at 13:00 my 99th post will go live, having been scheduled to follow post 98 which went live at 12:30.

By the time this post is live, I will have finally made it to post 100. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it feels to have finally made it to a landmark moment that has taken me years to reach. I hope that this is just the beginning of my writing journey, but as I celebrate this personal achievement I want to thank every single person, who has ever read a post of ‘Forever Distracted by Life.’

Your likes, comments and kindness have kept me going during some of the more challenging periods in the last four years, and I know that in the future they will continue to do so.

So Thank You, and hopefully, it won’t take another four years before I get to celebrate the next one hundred posts.

Darren Syme Coremans

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  1. We sing praises to gray-eyed Athena: mighty defender of cities, whose mind invented strategy and whose determination and independence bring inspiration to manifestation, who bestowed on humanity the art of writing. Bless us, wise one! We shall remember you, and another song too!

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