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As most of the regular followers (as I understand it, there are some out there, do feel free to say ‘Hi’ sometime) of Forever Distracted by Life know I have in the last few months been bitten by the poetry bug. Having never really engaged with poetry beyond the mandatory level of academia as presented by High School, I never felt ‘worthy’ of reading poetry, let alone writing it. But as soon as I was introduced to the poetry unit on the course I am currently studying at college, it was as though I had suddenly learned a new language. A language which allows me to express things I have never before been able to put into words.

Once I started writing poetry, I started reading it. And not just the poets of history, but the poets of today. By following some of the blog authors that have engaged with some of my work, I have found myself immersed in wonderfully insightful and relatable poetry. 

Some blogs, in particular, I find myself going back to regularly. is a site I find myself on daily at the moment as it is full of great poetry and regular challenges being thrown down. This mornings sent me down a rabbit hole of writing that has already filled pages of my notebook, and has given me a few more things to share over the next couple of days. 

The challenge posed, was to write a poem using the ‘Zanze’ poetic structure.

If you aren’t familiar with the style, or are interested in taking part in the challenge yourself, I highly recommend checking out the original post here:

I have already shared my first two attempts today. Which you can find here:

And here:

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  1. I am so glad you took up the challenge and that you are writing poetry. You write such beautiful words; it would be a shame not to share them with the world. 🙂

    1. I am brand new to writing, professionally anyway, I have dabbled as a hobbyist for a good few years.

      I started studying writing last August and it has just awakened a voice within me. It wasn’t just the challenge that you presented, but the wonderful example and break down of the poetic structure which made your challenge such a great exercise.

      So thank, you and I look forward to the next challenge. =)

      1. That is very kind of you. Few things make me happier than knowing I can inspire others to express themselves in their unique voices.

        I strive to offer things worthy of being read by my readers, and I will attempt to find a challenge worth for you to try. It may be another two-line prompt, however.

        You continue to impress me with your writing, even in non-poetic form. 🙂

      2. In keeping with the theme of inspiration, I’m going to try a new prompt of my own tomorrow. If you get a chance, have a go. 😉

      3. I never know what will or will not inspire me, so no promises, but I will definitely take a gander! 🙂

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