Zanze – You Are Not Here

Now; you are not here to guide me.Small decisions are hard to make.I stand without you beside me;I fear I might make a mistake. Now you are not here tooffer your sage advice;that which I learn is newbut comes at such a price. Now you are notphysically here,and I forgotmy path is clear. Now youcan... Continue Reading →

Zanze – The Pregnant Moon

The pregnant moon has birthed a star;a light to guide us through the dark,under which we will travel far.This new life an unending spark; the pregnant moon has birthed,new opportunity,as yet to be unearthed.Without immunity the pregnant moon;nearing her time.Child coming soonserene, sublime. Pregnant;she swells with strength,nature’s gift is regnant,a lasting gift a lifetime’s length.... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Green & Yellow

Green and yellow fields, well maintainedby animals contained within.The produce of the field sustains;the plight of man and beast akin. Green and yellow fields; welldo their crops grow each year,but for them trees are fell.The way ahead seems clear. Green and yellow;colours of life,mostly mellow.Sickness and strife; Green andgrowing. Remainthe order of the land;green and... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Under Your Skin

Under your skin, those blue-ish veins The blood flowing through them contains A protein with four iron atoms It has been this way since Adam Under your skin, those blue Lines of iron run through Iron made in the heart Of a dying star, it’s end your start Under your skin, Hemoglobin And from the... Continue Reading →

Zanze – That Shirt

That shirt is louder than my laugh Which really is saying something Your style as divisive as math And effortlessly disgusting That shirt is louder than Anything I have seen You just don’t give a damn Ignoring any mean That shirt is loud And you don’t care You stand so proud As people stare That... Continue Reading →

Zanze: What is?

What is it that you want from life? To be free from indecision; Or children, a husband, a wife. Free to choose without derision. What is it that you want? Don’t make me keep asking. Why would you rather flaunt, A past with no action. What is it that, Keeps you awake; Makes you pick... Continue Reading →

Zanze – Create

For I create, therefore I am Infinite possibility This existence is my exam The test of my ability For I create, therefore I am as I have been Life calls you can’t ignore The sights that you have seen For I create The world around And demonstrate That I have found For I Give not... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Ready or Not

I do not think I am ready Yet still I find myself doing Finding balance, left unsteady A bite too much, still I’m chewing I do not think I am Living true to myself Giving all that I can My time. My Life. My Health. I do not think But I react Words said, the... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Scream

Scream like no-one is listening Cry like no-one will ever see The way you feel is exhausting And is all you will ever be Scream like no-one listens You will hear no answer Like dew on grass glistens A lost back-up dancer Scream like no-one Before you has Once you’ve begun You’ll learn to laugh... Continue Reading →

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