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2019 © DS Coremans

The Challenge: 

Using today’s picture as inspiration write a poem or piece of flash-fiction (Max. Word Count: 500). 

Add your entry to the comments section, and I will add it to the main post, along with a direct link to your blog or website if you have one.

About Today’s Picture: 

(At the end of each day, I will share a little bit about where and when the picture originated from. Along with my own entries for each prompt.)


This picture was taken on April 5th 2010 on the Isle of Skye. It is taken on one of the coral beaches, and each letter is only about 3 inches in size. I ran out of darker rocks as I was putting this together, and so finished the loop of the ‘P’ with those beautiful red stones.


Zanze: Written In The Sand
By DS Coremans

Written in the Sand is a word.
It is the only word written.
Overhead, flies a fearless bird,
It sees not the lines of Britain.

Written in the Sand is
A message to mankind.
Though to the writer this
May be here to remind.

Written in the
Stones from the sand,
Smoothed by weather
Passing the land.

Does not mean heard.
Does the message fit in?
Written in the Sand is a word.

2019 ©DSCoremans


Thank you to Steven and Vicky for taking part yesterday on Facebook. If you would like me to share your work, please remember to either leave a link to your work or a comment and I will link this to your site.

5 thoughts on “Picture Prompt:  Help

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  1. Good choice for a prompt. The poem I wrote for today could work for this prompt, but it would be cheating since I wrote it before even looking at the prompt. Sigh.

  2. Thanks. I had a look, you are right it would have. =)

    But it’s a good thing that inspiration found you otherwise, your poem was a great reflection on the world we live in at present.

      1. This reply hit me like a ton of bricks and gave me a brilliant idea for a poem. I’m typing it up and I’ll give you a tag when I post it, thematically it kind of echoes your post today. =)

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