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Zanze is a poetic style, of syllabic structure: 8-8-8-8, 6-6-6-6, 4-4-4-4, 2-4-6-8. Zanze has a rhyme structure of Abab cdcd efef gagA.

The following is an example of my own writing:

Zanze: Does Love Belong
By DS Coremans

Does love belong within your life?
I am unsure I have the right,
As love has cut me like a knife.
Alone, I have no strength to fight.

Does love belong within,
The confines of your heart.
Hoarding it feels like sin;
I cannot seem to part.

Does love belong
To you or me?
I may be wrong,
But love is free.

Does love,
Cause you strife,
And little else above?
Does love belong within your life?

2019 © DS Coremans


A properly formed Zanze should contain:

  1. A total of 16 lines.
    1. Line 16, is a full repetition of Line 1.
  2. Rhyme Scheme
    1. Abab cdcd efef gagA
    2. The capital A, representing the repeat of Line 1 in Line 16.
  3. Four Quatrains (A quatrain is a four-line stanza.)
  4. Syllabic Structure
    1. 8-8-8-8
    2. 6-6-6-6
    3. 4-4-4-4
    4. 2-4-6-8
  5. Line 5 where the first 6 Syllables are the same as Line 1.
  6. Line 9 where the first 4 Syllables are the same as Line 1.
  7. Line 13 where the first 2 Syllables are the same as Line 1.

My thanks again go to Sonya whose post inspired me greatly.


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