Free Verse – Withdrawal

I withdrew

Not noticeably
Not at first

And those who knew me best
Saw me as often as they had before
For I was never the social butterfly

But I withdrew
Because I didn’t earn enough
Because I had to work
Because I had to study
Because I had to care
Always did I have to care

So I withdrew
Further still

Not just from little things
But big things
Things that people noticed
Parties, Graduation
Birthdays, Celebrations
And at first they were hurt
Because I withdrew

But still I withdrew
Not because I wanted to
But because I had to

I withdrew,
Because it was in my nature to do so

Those who remembered
Always tried to include
No longer hurt, but hopeful
Recognising responsibility
Only after understanding

Like I withdrew
So too did they all
When it was their time
To put the needs of others
Before their own
As I have done
For so long

Since I withdrew
That first time
When it was required
I dropped it all
To see this through
And if knowing now
All that I have done
And all that I
Must still see through
Would I withdraw again,
Or seek adventure new?


There is no choice,
There never was
If it means more time
with you.


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