Villanelle – Man & Wife

He travels through life
On one big adventure
Joined by his future wife

He worries not of life
For of nothing can he be sure
As he travels through life

Full of great advice
And always happy to share
As is his future wife

No one is as nice
As this effortless pair
As they travel through life

Both alleviating strife
For all; for whom they care
As they travel through life
A future man and wife.


I wrote this for my friend ‘The Traveller’ @dougmcmuffin who is currently travelling the world with his future @emmaangelini. Tuesday was his birthday, and though we are currently continents apart writing this for him brought us a little closer.
I have had the joy of seeing various locations from their travels on their instagram feeds which I encourage you to go check out.

The picture I’ve shared with this poem is of ‘The Traveller’ and his companion and belongs to @emmaangelini.

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