Villanelle – Anxious

Senryu - AnticipationDo you feel anxiousDo you feel the tension climbAnticipation2020©DSCoremans Villanelle - Anxious Of course I am anxious. It’s only natural; anyone would feel like this. I felt the morning place a kiss, while sleep kept me still. So, of course, I am anxious. A task fulfilled is thankless if it is done against... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – We Say Goodbye

Triolet - Love Goes OnOur love goes oneternally strongeras the day is longour love goes on.It may feel wrongas days grow longerbut our love goes on,eternally stronger.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - We Say Goodbye With a heavy heart, we say goodbye knowing we will see you once more. For now, for you, we pray and we cry.... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Run the Race

Senryu - AwayIf I run awayfrom you, will you look for meor watch me vanish.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - Run the Race I walk the race at a steady pace; I am always last to finish, but at least I get to run the race. I have tried so hard to find my place where my shine... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Hold Your Tongue

Have I gone blind; or just lost sightof an unplanned destination?Having held my tongue I feel contrite. I am the darkest part of night;I have fed on hesitation.Have I gone blind or just lost sight? Spitting words like venom when I fight,I don’t speak of devastation.Having held my tongue I feel contrite. My bark is... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Return Me To My Chamber

Return me to my chamberfor it has only been a yearand I must avoid the danger. The present lurking strangeris a harbinger of fear,so return me to my chamber. The safety of a mangersaw out the first New Year,as we avoid the danger. Reality grows stranger;all our problems disappear.Now, return me to my chamber. Soon... Continue Reading →

Villanelle (Elegy) – for Kris

If that which I have learned is to be believed;I am left shaken and full of sorrowand long has it been since we were bereaved. I think of all that we together achievedin forgotten yesterdays; no more tomorrowif that which I have learned is to be believed. Long since our cords of life were weavedor... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – The Plight of the Empath

I don’t need forever; just a one-night stand.I am a disposable plastic cup, used once and discardedon this night with nothing, you can understand. An organised fight, grown out of hand;to feel, emotion, without feeling bombarded.I don’t need forever; just a one night stand. Accepting trouble with no reprimandis an unlocked vault, left unguarded.A night... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – A Rose

When I gave my love a rose,they used the thorns to make me bleedand my heart, I had to close. Now no feeling do I show;I am just waiting to be freed,when I give my love a rose. Inside a darkness growsand I hoard it with greed,with my heart, which I have closed. Darkness only... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Conflict

There are so many things that I wish to doyet it feels like my life does not belong to me,for I am forever waiting on a forgotten cue. While residing in my nest which was never newI longed to stray from my confines and be free;there are so many things that I wish to do.... Continue Reading →

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