Villanelle – The Plight of the Empath

I don’t need forever; just a one-night stand.I am a disposable plastic cup, used once and discardedon this night with nothing, you can understand. An organised fight, grown out of hand;to feel, emotion, without feeling bombarded.I don’t need forever; just a one night stand. Accepting trouble with no reprimandis an unlocked vault, left unguarded.A night... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – A Rose

When I gave my love a rose,they used the thorns to make me bleedand my heart, I had to close. Now no feeling do I show;I am just waiting to be freed,when I give my love a rose. Inside a darkness growsand I hoard it with greed,with my heart, which I have closed. Darkness only... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Conflict

There are so many things that I wish to doyet it feels like my life does not belong to me,for I am forever waiting on a forgotten cue. While residing in my nest which was never newI longed to stray from my confines and be free;there are so many things that I wish to do.... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Passionate Fire

My passion burns for you like poison pulsing through my veins.You are fire, my love; your intensity enticing,you leave anger in my heart and little else remains. You couldn’t leave those little things and constantly complained.You are fire, my love; your ferocity frightening;my passion burns for you like poison pulsing through my veins. Like a... Continue Reading →

Villanelle: An Unhatched Egg

An unhatched egg. Abandoned in a nest;a symbol of sorrow and lost potential,no longer warmed by a mother’s plumed breast. A forgotten treasure, trapped in a chest;experiencing beauty is essential.An unhatched egg, abandoned in a nest. A good idea, in which no-one invests;can those without power be influential,no longer warmed by a mother’s plumed breast?... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Remember The Time

Do you remember the timethe virus came;you stayed inside? You could not hide,and tried to blame;do you remember the time? While they tried to finda cure to tame;you stayed inside. Do you still have pride?You’ll never be the same.Do you remember the time you lost your mind;and forgot your name?Do you remember the timeyou stayed... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Duality

Duality. A loss and a gain;a hastily made decision.Another chance to earn your name; where nothing will ever be the sameand doing nothing becomes a prisonof duality. A loss and a gain. Nothing can ever truly remainwithin the past, which cannot be erased.Another chance to earn your name, worth working through the painand all of... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – My Reply

I stare at the screen, my turn to replyMind empty of all but despairI’d rather say nothing; than tell you a lie Seconds, minutes, hours, days. Time keeps ticking byMy energy lost I have none to spareI stare at the screen, my turn to reply Instead I stop and take a breath which turns into... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Hidden in the Dark

It is still; dark outside,no signs of morningand in darkness we hide or new secrets confidewhich contain a warning:It is still dark outside. In the shadows, my pridefeels more like mourningand in darkness we hide. I regret that I lied;now to God I am turning.It is still dark outside but I have chosen my side.Now... Continue Reading →

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