#FoDiByLi Poetry: Villanelle – Spilled Milk

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Monday 27 September 2021 CinquainThings whichhappen happenwe can’t control the past;which can hold us up or flattenus fast.2021©DSCoremans Writing PromptSaturday 25 September 2021Use the pictures and/or this common cliché as inspiration for a poem or story:“Don't cry over spilled milk.” Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash Senryu... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – “I’m fine.”

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Tuesday 27 July 2021 Senryu - WordsI sometimes say thingswords I do not mean to saythese words expected.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - “I’m fine.” Wearing a face which looks like mine; yet I do not recognise this as me. I hear my voice say the words: “I’m fine.” The... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Lines on the Page

New Poetry by Scottish Writer DS Coremans #FoDiByLi Monday 26 July 2021 Senryu - Score the PageI score the pages,as though my pen is a blade;my bloody battle.2021©DSCoremans Villanelle - Lines On the Page There are lines upon the page from words and shapes I drew before; the deepest lines are filled with rage. Where I... Continue Reading →

Villanelle – Anxious

Senryu - AnticipationDo you feel anxiousDo you feel the tension climbAnticipation2020©DSCoremans Villanelle - Anxious Of course I am anxious. It’s only natural; anyone would feel like this. I felt the morning place a kiss, while sleep kept me still. So, of course, I am anxious. A task fulfilled is thankless if it is done against... Continue Reading →


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