Sonnet – Reality

Reality is practicality;
like meeting need, wanting wants, surviving.
These markers of success show you thriving;
failure to meet them feeds fatality.

But before finding your finality;
In your search for success you are striving
assured that affluence is arriving.
Self-belief is a technicality.

Most will work hard as they try to achieve
yet there are some who take more than they give.
The reason, they say, is that they believe
it is their birthright to rule those who live.

But while they hide behind formality,
no-one can escape from morality.


Author’s Note: One of the things I love most about being a writer, is getting lost in an idea. To return to it’s beginning is like following breadcrumbs through the forest and returning safely and soundly does not always mean that you still belong where you began.

The first part of ‘Reality’ is about what life means to the individual. Beyond this individual there is little control, but the lesson that I feel like we need to hold onto, perhaps especially during such divisive political times as these, is that no one person is ever truly more important nor has any given right to rule.

Power is not a weapon to wield, but a load to bear. We as a society should not abandon our governments to carry this power alone, and should instead offer our support by learning about, voting for and sharing the successes of elected candidates we truly feel can represent ourselves as well as others.

Picture Used Taken: Florida, USA (September, 2008) ©DSCoremans

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