Sonnet – Memories

Memories already; begin to fade,
lost to time or repression. Just the same,
I want to remember, but find I blame
my failure on the mistakes I have made.

If I followed a path then I have strayed
and though the life I have lived has been tame;
I have tried hard to always play the game
but the rules have changed from how we first played.

As I did not my chose my competition,
I chose you, when you were still an ally.
My decisions were met with derision;
after time I had no desire to try.

I realise I have fallen behind;
I see this fact, but I live my life blind.


Author’s Note:

The biggest irony with this poem called ‘memories’ is that I have no memory of writing it. Written in July, 2019 it was written in the summer in between college and university. The apprehension I felt then toward this transition was significant as it was a further step away from the career I had left the year before, and another step into an unknown future.

‘Memories’ for me is a proclamation to live within the present as opposed to dwelling in the past.

Picture Used Taken: Skye, Scotland (April, 2010) ©DSCoremans

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